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Adding a new member to your family through adoption is an exciting prospect, but rarely a simple one. When you are looking to add a child to your family through adoption, it is important to ensure you are following the necessary steps to complete this goal in a swift and effective manner. Thankfully, you can rely on the guidance of a skilled family law attorney.

At Akridge & Balch, P.C., we are proud to help stepparents, grandparents, extended relatives and aspiring parents through the Alabama adoption process and even international adoptions. From our office in Auburn, we have helped our clients through their adoptions while also answering their questions for more than 30 years.

Do I have to notify the biological parent about the adoption?

In some cases, it would be simpler for the adopting party, like a stepparent, if they did not have to inform the estranged or absent biological parent about the adoption. Unfortunately, this is only possible if that parent has already terminated their parental rights.

What do legal fees cost?

We do our best to keep things simple for our clients. When clients come to us for help with their family law needs, we only charge a flat fee plus any additional costs related to the adoption; this way, you can know what to expect from our services and what it may cost you.

Will the adoptive parent’s name be on the birth certificate?

One important thing to understand about adoption is that the process makes the adoptive parent the legal parent in all applicable ways. This means that if you are the adoptive parent, you will have the same rights, including your name on the child’s birth certificate.

Will my adopted child have access to the biological parent’s inheritance?

Just as adoption will make you the legal parent of your child, it will also make the child your legal child and no longer the legal child of the parent who signed away their rights. This means that when the biological parent passes on, there is no guaranteed inheritance that your child can expect.

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